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Pre Market Report: Stock Watch Ahead Of U.S Markets Opening

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U.S markets are showing signs of a rebound after a weak showing in Monday’s session. Nonetheless, market sentiment remains mixed. On the downside, there are fears that the economy could be headed for another shutdown as the coronavirus numbers continue to rise. States like California are slowing down on reopening to curtail the virus spread. There are also concerns about equities being overpriced. Most companies have taken a hit in their revenues, yet the stock market has rallied back to pre-crisis levels. This indicates a disconnect between stock market valuations and corporate performance. On the positive side, the U.S government appears ready to keep supporting the economy. Today, The New York Times has reported that the Trump administration is calling for a payroll tax cut, relief for distressed industries, and a tax holiday on capital gains. The New York Times further states that the next stimulus could be between $1 trillion to $3 trillion. While this adds to the already ballooning deficit, it offers critical support to the economy, and more specifically the equity markets.  In spite of the mixed outlook, there are stocks that are on a roll pre-market and could perform well in the day. Some of them are as below.


Tesla continues its stellar performance and is up by over 6% pre-market. The stock has been on an exponential growth path driven by its sales numbers, and a growing appetite for stocks in the market. Tesla recently announced that in Q2, it had delivered 90,650 units, beating its estimates of 74,130 units.  Some analysts believe that this points to growing demand for the company’s vehicles, which is playing to support its stock price. A JP Morgan recently stated that Tesla was now set to break even on GAAP in Q2, a factor that is changing the market’s risk evaluation of the stock. With such optimism at play, TLSA could continue its rally if the market opens in positive territory.

INmune Bio Inc [NASDAQ: INMB]

INmune Bio is another big mover pre-market and is up by 142.82% at the time of writing. The rally comes hours after the company released interim data showing that its treatment called XPro1595 reduces neuroinflammation in people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. XPro1595 is an inhibitor for tumor necrosis factor that neutralizes soluble TNF, and with implications on the pathology of Alzheimer’s. Commenting on the results, the company’s director of neuroscience, CJ Barnum stated that they were happy with the findings. The response the stock has received pre-market shows that investors are optimistic that this could be a major breakthrough not just for Alzheimer’s patients, but also for the company’s bottom-line.

ElectroCore Inc [NADAQ: ECOR]

ElectroCore was a top gainer in yesterday’s session and closed with gains of 109.41%. The stock seems poised to continue this rally and is up by 6% in pre-market trading. The upside momentum is driven by the company’s announcement that it had received emergency use authorization from the FDA for its COVID-19 treatment.  The company stated that it was now working on making its new therapy available to medics treating COVID-19 patients that have asthma and other breathing difficulties,

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