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Four Seasons Education Inc. (FEDU) rises in current market. Why is it so?

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Four Seasons Education Inc. (FEDU) rises by 33.58% in the current market trading session. There is no recent news or press release available regarding this rise in FEDU stock price. Four Seasons Education is a well-known educational company that works to provide extensive after-school education services, with an emphasis on high-quality of math education. The Company offers educational services mainly focusing on basic-level math, but it has recently grown to include other subjects, such as physics, chemistry, and languages, as well as other grade levels, such as kindergarten and middle school.

Recent Developments

On January 12, 2021, Four Seasons Education reported its third-quarter fiscal 2021 financial results. From these results, we can get a little bit of idea about what is happening in FEDU, lately. Given below is an overview of financial results:

  • The revenue generated by Four Season Education in the third quarter was RMB67.6 million compared to RMB103.5 million for the third quarter fiscal 2020.
  • The Gross profit calculated by FEDU for the third quarter was RMB25.2 million while it was RMB53.0 million for the same period of last year.
  • Lastly the net loss was $RMB 8.8 million whereas the net loss for FEDU in the previous year’s third quarter was RMB11.3 million.

So what?

Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, the education business has been affected a lot. The learning centers were 49 in total, as of November 30, 2020 while at the same time period in 2019 the learning centers were 55. Whereas the number of students enrolled was 53,493 as compared to 67,714 during the same period in 2019.Also, FEDU mentioned in the report that they were expecting revenue of RMB64 million in the fourth quarter the report of which has not been given yet.

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