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MKD Stock Signs A Cooperating Agreement With Anhui Shilian Special Solvent Co.Ltd, China’s Largest Specialty Solvent Producer

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MKD Stock, China’s leading technology-based platform has signed up for a joint venture with Anhui Shilian Special Solvent Co. Ltd, one of the most significant manufacturers in China’s liquor market, producing high-quality specialty solvents. The two parties are expected to increase cooperation to develop high-purity solvent series as an attempt to expand market share in the food and beverage industry and provide industry users with more diversified and high-quality products and services.

MKD plans to sell products via e-commerce through an independent internet channel and provide a digital management system. This will optimize the distribution network, it will also enhance Anhui Shilian’s market share in the industry, hence giving their target customers a more efficient and effective experience.


About The Contract Regulations Between MKD And Anhui Shilian Special Solvent Co. Ltd

In accordance to the contract, MKD will have a key role in supplying chemical solvents, biological reagents, laboratory consumables, as well as adequate machinery and equipment for Gujing and the companies linked to it, which also specialize in the production of high purity solvents.

MKD will produce nearly 2 million stock-keeping units (SKUs) that Gujing ordered from its 21 professional, local and outsourced laboratory brands and manufacturers.

Gujing’s research capabilities in the liquor industry will be further enhanced by MKD’s ability to provide an e-commerce service platform and procurement services that include an immense variety of high-quality solvents, in accordance with the standards of internationally recognized laboratories


MKD has a detailed coverage that entails distribution network and e-commerce. This joint venture will help enhance Anhui capabilities in the high-purity solvent industry and help to provide diversified services bringing digital upgrades to the industry.

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