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The Three Cheap Stocks to Keep in your Investment List

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The global pandemic has affected many high price stocks and with much uncertainty, we have certain cheap stocks to watch for.

Last year has been total devastation and things have turned upside down for most of the companies in the stock market. We have seen many companies whose dynamics have changed during the last years’ time. For instance, companies which totally relied upon retail store have understood the significance of online stores and are moving to e-market—now.

In the meantime, the investor’s behavior changed due to rising uncertainty and for risk-averse investors, the cheap stocks with high potential are the best investment options. Let’s see the three cheap stocks for investment.

Zomedica (ZOM)

Zomedica (ZOM) is one of the most promising cheap stocks in the market. Zomedica is a development stage veterinary diagnostic and pharmaceutical company for dogs and cats. The company is well-positioned and has improved its performance during 2020 following a rise in pets’ products.

Recently, Zomedica recorded the first veterinarian sale of TRUFORMA® and officially entered commercialization. This will help the company grow its sales and give a competitive edge in the market. It’s a long-term success story for the company and investors would be quite proud of it.

Zomedica (ZOM) is trading on a lower side, which could be a perfect buy for investors. The future outlook seems solid. So, ZOM wouldn’t be a bad investment at all.

Navient (NAVI)

Navient (NAVI) provides loans to students. The company menacing time in 2020 as the borrowers disappear in quarantine. Reporting one of its worst ever, Navient saw 28.5% of its federal loan borrowers and 14.7% of its private loan borrowers hiding themselves during Q2. However, things improved with the following figures dropping to 13.8% and 3.9% on federal and private loans, respectively.

Navient stock is trading around its new 52-week high price of $14 as the bullish sentiment continues to increase. The rising bulls are largely pushed by the anticipation of increasing recovery of the finance sector. Moreover, the company expects to see higher charge-offs during the year, jumping from 0.88% in 2020 to 3% in 2021. Overall, Navient is quite optimistic about its fortune this year, which will bring improvements in lending.

Glu Mobile (GLUU)

Glu Mobile (GLUU) has been performing radiantly, recently. The company was mostly driven by the announcement of EA following the all-cash buyout deal with Glu at an implied enterprise value of $2.1 billion.EA has high expectations from Glu’s rising sales and positive operating profits right away. The acquisition is expected to close in Q2 2021, based on the shareholder’s consent.

In the fourth quarter, the company reported impressive outcomes with revenue jumping up to 25% year over year to $141.4 million. The GAAP net income rose to a record $23.9 million quarterly. While the free cash flow was also great with 46.2 million by the end of the quarter and $69.0 million by the year-end, up 132%. The prospects are strong for Glu Mobile (GLUU) as the acquisition is forthcoming.

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