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VirTra Inc (VTSI) Establishes A Strategic Relationship With US Law Enforcements

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VirTra Inc (VTSI) is an American company that specializes in manufacturing and sale of emergency situation training simulators and weapon practice simulators for US Police, establishment, and for the use of the general public. The company sells simulators and various products across the globe through a supply chain force and has an international distribution network.

The company provides a vast number of services that include fitting equipment, drilling for adequate use of simulators, limited undertakings, and related support. The company has a pro-rhetoric for force weaponry training and marksmanship firearms training for police, military or civilian use.

VTSI has an extremely lucrative product line which includes simulators, upgrade components, the screenplay of different scripts related to real emergencies, scenario software, recoil kits, Threat fire, and other accessories. Vitra received a $1.5M order for federal law enforcement to provide resources for virtual training of the recruited staff and was also awarded $1.9M to support the air force research laboratory.

VTSI stock surged after the company reported its 4th quarter result

Shares of VirTra (VTSI) Soared in trading after the company announced its4th quarter results. The company’s earnings per share had an incredible increase of 600% in the past 52 weeks to $0.21, which beat the estimate of $0.04 by wall street analysts.

Furthermore, the revenue of $6,566,000 sky-rocketed by 11.42% compared to the previous year, putting the company in a position of financial surplus. The 52-week high of the company ended at $6.09 with $2 being the company’s 52 week low. Vitra also received an order for 863,000 from the custom and border protection for simulation training products including new drop-in recoil kits.

Vitra inc operates in the dynamic field of development, and commercialization of force training simulators, firearms training simulators, and driving simulators for law enforcement and civilian uses. Its long-term revenue growth and incredible increment of the stock price has proven to be a success after establishing a relationship with federal agencies, the military, and the general public.

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