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5 Cryptocurrencies With New All-Time Highs – (Binance Coin, Tezos, FTX Token, Decred, Ethereum)

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The cryptocurrency bull run appears to continue with new cryptocurrencies making all-time highs every day. We have compiled a list of cryptocurrencies that have achieved a new all-time high.

The queen of the market, Ethereum (ETH), has established a new all-time at $2,174. Ethereum had been flirting close to its previous all-time high. At the time of press, Ethereum stands at $2,128. Generally, the queen follows the king of the market closely but breaking the norm, it went higher than expectations by establishing the new record high. The performance of the coin can be attributed to the upcoming ETH2.0 upgrade which will tackle the scalability problem Ethereum is facing along with many other improvements.

Binance Coin (BNB) has been one of the best performing cryptocurrencies. In the yearly timeframe, Binance Coin has had an 1800% increase in its performance. BNB went up from an average coin to the third ranked in the market. The coin suffered from retracements after establishing its all-time high at around $300 but the bulls have once again picked up and a new all-time high at $388 has been established.

Tezos (XTZ) established a new all-time high at $6.47 at the time of press. The trading volume of $1,468,277,032 has went up by around 300%. The smart contracts platform which bears resemblance to Ethereum has a market ranking of 29. The coin is still on an uptrend and a continuation with newer all-time highs can be expected. The performance of the coin can be attributed to the major developments going on in the Tezos platform. Blockchain venture studio, Draper GolenHolm, has announced its support for the Tezos ecosystem. The firm has plans of incubating and accelerating startups based on the Tezos network. Furthermore, – a French firm – has also launched a stablecoin on the Tezos block chain.

FTX Token (FTT) has been on an upward trajectory since the beginning of the new year with only minor pullbacks. After every pullback, the coin has established a newer all-time high as it did currently. FTX Token is now operating at a new all-time high price level of $44.84. FTT is the governance token of the cryptocurrency derivatives platform FTX.

Last but not the least, Decred (DCR) has also established a new all-time high at $194 and the cryptocurrency has stabilized near the all-time high price level. Decred is a block chain based cryptocurrency with the aim to facilitate governance, sustainability and community interaction. The coin is ranked at 50 in terms of market capitalization with a daily trading volume of $31,199,204.

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