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Galectin Therapeutics Inc. (GALT) stock plunged in the after-hours trading session: here’s why

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Galectin Therapeutics Inc.  (GALT) stock recently traded at $2.80 which is a 35.27% upward movement. The stock previously closed at $2.07. GALT stock, however, plunged in the after-hours trading session by 10.71% at the time of writing.

The recent trend of downward movement of the GALT stock in the after-hours session comes with no news. However, the increase of 35.27% in the previous day’s trading session was due to GALT’s announcement of launching a trial website called for educational purposes.

Galactin Therapeutics’ background

Galactin Therapeutics is essentially a biotech company which focuses on the development of novel therapies in an innovative way for the treatment of chronic liver disease and cancer patients. GALT stock is the leading developer for specialization in galectin proteins. The lead drug of the biotech company is a carbohydrate based drug that inhibits galectin-3 protein. It’s known as belapectin (GR-MD-02) which treats multiple inflammatory, fibrotic and malignant diseases. Belapectin has been given the fast track designation by the Food and Drug Administration which will allow the drug development, testing and approvals to become more efficient.

What is

GALT announced a press release on 6th April to announce the launch on its website called It is created to bring awareness among the users as well as patients and physicians about liver cirrhosis which results from non-alcoholic steatohepatitis. The physicians can refer patients on the website or participate themselves by clicking the “For Physicians” section provided on the homepage.

More details about

The website also gathers support for GALT’s NAVIGATE study. NAVIGATE is aimed to target the prevention of NASH cirrhosis which can manifest into a potentially life-threatening complication. In details, its goal is to prevent the development of esophageal varices which is an earlier sign of further serious complications of NASH cirrhosis. The study will offer the opportunity for volunteers who are patients as well as their families to participate in the creation of the first potential therapy aimed specifically for NASH cirrhosis.

GALT’s primary clinical program focus

GALT stock’s lead candidate is the Belapectin that contains the galectin-3 protein inhibitor. Belapectin is the candidate drug being tested in the NAVIGATE study for the adaptively designed Phase 2b/3 trial. This treatment is specifically aimed for NASH cirrhosis patients who indicate clinical signs of portal hypertension and are at the risk of developing esophageal varices. Phase 2b part of the trial will enroll approximately 315 NASH patients from 130 sites and 12 countries. There will be an interim analysis conducted after 18 months to determine the amount of dosage required for belapectin. After this, the trial will successfully move towards phase 3.

Galectin’s aim for other pipeline programs

Galectin has many clinical programs in its pipeline which include treatment of combination immunotherapy which is for advanced melanoma and other malignancies. However, the initiation of these clinical programs is dependent on partnerships with suitable companies. A partnership is required from which it can seek scientific and development expertise. This will allow GALT stock to expand its clinical-stage operations which will attract more investors. However, it is important for the clinical programs to announce success in order for it to sustain its operational progress

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