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Top Crypto Headlines and Gainers over 1-Week – (WINk, TurtleCoin, Hashgard, Bitcoin Confidential, NKN)

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Here are some of the top developments in the cryptocurrency sphere the past week:

  • The queen of cryptocurrencies established a new all-time high at $2174, billionaire Mark Cuban regarding it as the “closest to a true currency.”
  • In the fifth annual FinTech Breakthrough Awards, Celsius – the rewards earning platform – bagged the award for the “Best Cryptocurrency Wallet”
  • The Monetary Authority of Singapore has warned against Bitcoin, citing it a very risky investment while MicroStrategy continues acquiring Bitcoin with a new addition of BTC worth $15 million.
  • While the Indian regulators continue to debate the banning of cryptocurrencies in the world’s second most populous country, the masses demand for cryptocurrencies is only increasing. WazirX – the largest crypto trading platform – has announced the launch of a NFT marketplace. 

In the weekly timeframe, some cryptocurrencies have portrayed phenomenal performance. Let’s take a dive into the top performers of the week.

WINk (WIN) is a gaming platform which users can utilize to play games, socialize with other players and stake across other platforms. WINk is currently at the all-time high price of $0.00277 with a daily trading volume of $2,444,537,204. Since the end of March, WINk has been on a steep upward trend. 

TurtleCoin (TRTL) is another top performer of the week that has been on a steady upward trajectory since the past week. TurtleCoin stands at its all-time high price level of $0.00088. The price saw an increase of 60% in the past 24 hours while the daily trading volume of $27,500,072 has went up by 50%. The cryptocurrency is primarily focused on speed and privacy.

Hashgard (GARD) has been on a roll since the past week. The cryptocurrency suffered from minor corrections but has resumed its upward trend. GARD is trading hands at $0.000044 apiece. The price has been increasing in the daily timeframe while the daily trading volume of $560,697 went down by 15%. The public block chain is vying for a DeFi revolution by establishing a secure decentralized asset management protocol.

Bitcoin Confidential (BC) had been pretty much stagnant in the bull run with its performance improving in the past week only. However, the cryptocurrency shot up in the past 24 hours. Bitcoin Confidential coin’s price went up by 100% in the daily timeframe while the daily trading volume of $221,577 increased by 30%.

NKN (NKN) coin has shown high bullish momentum as the coin surged upwards and established a new all-time high at $0.65. In the daily timeframe, the price of the coin increased by 120% while the daily trading volume of $735,895,629 increased by 400%. New Kind of Network or NKN is a public block chain which allows users to share network bandwidth and internet connectivity.

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