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What has Electro-Sensors (ELSE) recently been up to?

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Electro-Sensors Inc. (ELSE) shares dropped by -3.58% to trade at $5.11 in the current market, at the time of writing. ELSE stock previously closed at $5.30. The stock volume was 1.35 million shares, which is higher compared to the past 50 days’ volume of 0.23 million shares. In the past 12 months, ELSE shares had risen by 44.02% and had moved 15.22% in the past week. Furthermore, the ELSE stock had gained 23.54% over the past three months and 53.62% over the past six months. The current market for ELSE stock stands at $18.02 million with 3.4 million shares outstanding.

The drop in the recent trading session does not correlate to any current news because Electro-Sensorshave kept a very low profile when it comes to recent news and developments.

What industries and clients does Electro-Sensors serve?

Electro-Sensors belongs to the technology sector. It is founded in 1968 and located in Minnesota. Electro is the leader of manufacturing and designing one of the most robust and dependable monitoring sensors and monitoring systems for hazardous situations. These products are demanded across multiple industries and applications. ELSE stock has served the industry of Grain, Feed & Milling, Bulk Materials Handling, General Manufacturing, Fuels Processing, Sugar Processing, Packing, Food Processing, Textile, Mining, Power Generation Plants, Water Utilities and Wastewater.

Electro-Sensors product offerings

The Scientific and Technical Instruments industry based company has served its customers and clients with a wide array of products which include bearing sensors, temperature sensors, vibration sensors, sensor targets, speed sensors, belt alignment sensors, motor drive control, wired hazard monitors, tachometers & counters, SG1000 position monitors and wireless hazard system.

The most standard of these products are shipped within one to two days and they contain a warranty of 5 years. Electro-Sensors have certified itself to be an ISO9001-2015 quality certified company. Its recent most hyped product includes the HazardPROTM Wireless Hazard Monitoring System, which features an all-in-one monitoring protection for people, assets, products, and facilities. It provides and displays information in an intuitive format which is precise yet simple for users to read. For more details, visit the company’s website.

Why Electro-Sensors has not been covered by media lately

Part of the reason why Electro does not have any press-release or news on the mainstream media is because it has not made any major news or participation in main events. Also, many of the Expos, Conferences and Exchanges it had planned for 2020 had been postponed or cancelled. This was due to incidences related to the pandemic and lockdowns in 2020.

On its website, it has announced that the International Association of Operative Miller (IAOM) canceled its 2020 conference but it will be there for the 2021 IAOM Conference & Expo that will take place on April 13-16 2021. Similarly, the 2021 GEAPS Exchange will take place in Columbus, Ohio on 6-9 August, which had also been canceled in 2020. In April, the ELSE stock will be exhibiting at the International Power & Bulks Solid Conference & Expo, happening from 27th to 29th.

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