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Why Aurora Mobile Limited (JG) stock is rising in Pre-Market today?

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Aurora Mobile Limited (JG) announced the partnership agreement with Hangzhou Yivi Intelligent Technology Co., LTD after which the JG stock happened to be green as JG stock price saw a push of 3.72% to reach $3.62 a share in today’s pre-market at the time of this writing. JG stock saw a downtrend in the previous trading session and closed with a 12.53% drop. Let’s deep dive to explore more of it.

What’s Happening?

Aurora Mobile Limited is renowned as the big data solution provider in the Republic of China. The purpose of JG’s agreement with  Hangzhou Yivi Intelligent Technology Co., LTD (“Yivi”), a ride-hailing service platform, is to increase the technology strength as well as the expertise of both companies. Both of these companies will work together to explore more opportunities with the intention of advancement in smart travel and the development of highly efficient  AI-powered ride-hailing services.

In connection with this agreement, Yivi will be able to enhance its intelligent operational capabilities as well as improve its operational efficiency via the Machine learning technology and AI-powered targeted push notification services of JG stock. Real-time data would be used with supply and demand along with shortening travel time in the smart travel to optimize the driver allocation, thus would enhance the user experience.

Filing of Annual Report:

Yesterday, Aurora stock did the announcement of filing its annual report of the fiscal year 2020 on Form 20-F with the securities and exchange commission.The hard copy of the annual report will be provided free of charge by the JG stock to its shareholders as well as ADS holders upon request.

Previous Development of JG stock

Back in the previous week, On April 08, 2021, Aurora Mobile signed an agreement with Beijing Koudai Fashion Technology Co., Ltd, also known as Weidian, in order to jointly work with the Beijing Koudai for the development of digital marketing, digital “new retail” and intelligent connected systems.JG stock will help Weidian through its advanced AI technology and analytical capabilities by providing the facility of integrated and end-to-end ecosystems that would serve brands, consumers, merchants, and developers.


The agreement news between JG stock and Yivi has captivated the attention of investors to JG stock. It seems that JG stock is leveraging its AI technology and analytical operational capabilities with time. Hence investors having long-term prospects need to keep an eye on JG stock.

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