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Cryptocurrencies Touching All-time Highs – (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Wrapped Bitcoin, Decred, Nexo)

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Cryptocurrencies vie upwards as the bulls continue to dominate the market. Every day, new cryptocurrencies establish new all-time highs. Here is a list of the top five all-time high coins.

Bitcoin – the king of the market has made a comeback as it broke strong resistance levels and established a new all-time high at $62,849. The bull run of the market continues as indicated by the market leader, once again, moving upwards. 

Ethereum – the queen of cryptocurrencies had been on a strong bullish uptrend, breaking resistance after resistance. Ethereum (ETH) made another record high at $2,227. The rise of DeFi is propelling cryptocurrency upwards.

Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) is a tokenized version of Bitcoin that is based on the Ethereum block chain which allows Bitcoin to be used on decentralized applications. WBTC is backed 1:1 by Bitcoin so the ATH of Bitcoin will pull WBTC upwards. Wrapped Bitcoin established its all-time high at $62,934.

Decred (DCR) has been on an upward trend since November 2020. The cryptocurrency reached an all-time high at its current price of $198. The daily trading volume of $41,765,500 has also increased by 43% in the past 24 hours. Decred cryptocurrency was launched with the aim of creating a sustainable ecosystem of open governance and community interaction. 

Nexo (NEXO) is a lending platform based on block chain that provides instant cryptocurrency loans. Nexo is on a steady upward trajectory. It established a new all-time high at the current price of $3.45.

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