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US Postal Service In On The NFT Frenzy

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The United States Postal Service has announced its entry into the NFT sphere but not to sell artwork but rather to help customers purchase postage. CaseMail, a communication platform, has been certified by the US Postal Services to be the first block chain generated epostage. CaseMail’s NFT postage are now eligible for use in the United States. The tokens will be digitally stamped by USPS’ epostage.

CaseMail CEO and Founder, Joe Ruiz, stated this hallmark moment may help “demystify” the non-fungible tokens’ technology for the masses – which may help accelerate the acceptance of NFTs and cryptocurrencies, in general. The United States Postal Service reported revenues worth $73.1 billion – indicating the availability of NFT to a massive userbase.

CaseMail has decided to offer the postage tokens to legal professionals and government agencies. In the second quarter, plans are set to enable the use of the tokens for the larger public as well through partnerships with service providers to consumers and businesses. The whole market is set to be captured. CaseMail is just one example of the block chain technology’s real-world use. Because of the bull run, increasingly more attention is being paid to the cryptocurrency world and its technology with many firms getting into the market to discover and explore real-world uses of the technology for different industries.

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