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AMD stock is rising in the current trading session; here’s why

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Shares of Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (NASDAQ: AMD) were up 4.30% at $81.93 in the current trading as of this writing. AMD stock closed the last session at $78.55. AMD stock price was fluctuating between $77.935 and $80.13. The number of shares exchanged was 12.06 million, less than the company’s 50-day daily volume of 40.46 million and lower than its Year to date volume of 43.63 million. In the past 12 months, the AMD stock has advanced 43.00%, and in the last one week, the stock has moved down -4.44%. For the last six months, the stock has lost a total of -6.81%, and over the last three months, the stock has decreased by -17.62%. The stock has returned -14.35% so far this year. Additionally, the stock is trading at a price-to-earnings ratio of 38.49.

About AMD stock

Advanced Micro Devices is a global semiconductor company. The company works on two ends of tech spectrum – Graphics and Computers. Both segments revolve around enterprise, embedded and Semi-custom. The product offerings include x86 microprocessors, integrated graphics, chipsets, discrete graphics processing unit, data center and professional GPUs. AMD stock also has development services like embedded and server processors, SoC products and tech for gaming setups and platforms. The brand names for its microprocessors, embedded processor solutions and discrete GPUs are AMD Ryzen, AMD Ryzen PRO, Threadripper, AMD A-series, AMD Athlon, AMD Athlon PRO, AMD Athlon PRO A-series, AMD EPYC, AMD Opteron, AMD Geode, AMD R-series, AMD G-series, AMD Radeon, AMD Radeon PRO and AMD FirePro.

Boom in the Ryzen 5000 sale performance

AMD’s Central Processing Unit market has seen boom in the month of March.  According to latest Steam Hardware Survey, AMD had chalked up 28.97% of the market control. The first three months of 2021 have been good for AMD as this market share increased specifically 0.46 percentage points increased in March.

Aggressively rivaling the Chipzilla

Due to the global chip shortages, AMD’s market growth was handicapped in last three months of 2020; especially with Intel chipping away up to 75% market share of CPUs in December. However the sales-profit of chipzilla were lower relatively in the market as Intel had reduced the prices of its processors to increase its shipping. AMD has seized the opportunity and shipped 1 million units of Ryzen 5000 processors in the last two months of 2020 according to Mercury Research. Furthermore, the supply of Ryzen 5000 is expected to be amped up in the second quarter of 2021 by 20%, as sourced by supply chain related people familiar with the matter.

Intel has more market share but Ryzen performance is better

The reviews about AMD processors made by demand side third party has come up to be better in performance than its Intel counterparts thus AMD sales are likely to see a positive response for Ryzen 5000. Furthermore, AMD has also dethroned Intel as CPU crown due to Ryzen 5000 series processor’s superior tech built. This is beneficial for AMD stock since it plans to aggressively target the PC processor market and seems to be gaining tailwind as the year progresses.

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