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3 Best Tech Stocks to Watch in 2021 – (Twilio, ServiceNow, Roblox)

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Technology is one of the most-fast paced industry of the 21st century. Be it the education sector or health, finance industry or transportation, technology is embedded in each one of these segments. Without the technology industry, other sectors cannot function in this day and age. Perhaps this is the reason why investors are most keen to purchase their stocks, and closely observe this market. As the global pandemic hit the world in 2020, almost all businesses suffered huge losses. However, the technology industry did not decline as much, but rather it flourished.

Now with the beginning of 2021 investors are looking forward to putting in their money in technology stocks once again. This article will aim to provide some news and developments about three tech stocks for investors to monitor them from a close lens.


Twilio (NASDAQ: TWLO) is an American company based in San Francisco, California. The company is basically a cloud communications platform for software developers. It allows them to receive and send text messages, make and receive phone calls, and other communication functions programmatically. In 2020, TWLO’s stock per share price enhanced by more than 300 percent, even in the wake of a pandemic. This manifold increase in the share price was because of the rapid digitization that took place all around the world. As more and more organizations ae replacing their old modes of communication, the target market of TWLO is expected to expand. In addition, TWLO has partnered with big consulting firms like Zendesk. Partnerships with big enterprises, along with TWLO’s innovative solutions would surely give a boost to TWLO stock. Therefore, investors should gauge the performance of TWLO carefully and purchase its stock at the right time.


ServiceNow (NASDAQ: NOW) is a tech firm that provides cloud-based services to IT companies. These services allow the customers to automate its operations. NOW services comprise of a variety of applications that not only automate workflow but also integrate similar business procedures. Ever since NOW Stock went public, its shares have more value. In March, NOW announced that it is planning on acquiring a robotic process automation firm. This will allow NOW to compete in the ever-growing tech industry against its competitors. NOW has been consistently growing for some time now and can be an interesting option for investors.


Roblox (NASDAQ: RBLX) is a creation of Roblox Corporation. It is an online gaming platform which allows gamers to play games that are created by other gamers. RBLX is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Classic Mac OS, Xbox One, Fire OS, Android, max OS, and iOS. The most recent development that took place at RBLX is its partnership with Hasbro (HAS) which gave RBLX Stock an increase by 9.4%. RBLX is one of the leading gaming platforms that focus on children. When RBLX stock became public, its share price had a significant increase. Now, with the latest partnership with Hasbro, RBLX stock can be expected to have more worth. However, the company is still unprofitable. This means that investors need to be more diligent before purchasing RBLX stock.

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