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Canaan Inc. (CAN) stock has jumped up in the current trading session; here’s why

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In the current trading session, Canaan Inc. (CAN) stock soared by 0.30% to the price of $13.20 at the time of writing. CAN stock closed the previous session at $13.16. The CAN stock volume traded today is 2.2 million shares. While the average trade volume for the past three months has been 20.19 million. For the past one year, CAN stock has risen by 207.48%. In the past week, the shares jumped by 3.38%. Over the past three and six months, the stock has gained 174.17% and 571.43% respectively. Furthermore, Canaan Inc. (CAN) has is currently trading at $1.91 billion and has an outstanding share of a total of 155.50 million.

Canaan Inc.’s operation combines Artificial Intelligence and integrated chips

Canaan Inc. is a computer hardware company that specifically focuses on the research of integrated circuit final systems as well as the manufacturing and selling of the IC final system products. These IC final systems are integrated into the Bitcoin mining and related components while majorly focusing on China as its customer market. The company also has a supply and distribution network of operations for its system products. The company coordinates and collaborates with Northern Data AG for AI development, blockchain expertise and solutions, data-centric solutions.

The company has the world’s first-ever RISC-V-based edge artificial intelligence (AI) chip the uses of which is applicable to smart-gadget based devices like smart door locks. Canaan is heavily investing in the research and development of advanced and sophisticated technology which include AI architectures and system on chip and chip integrations. AI chip is the core product for the company through which it expands and diversifies its portfolio of product offerings and operations.

Announcing a partnership with Cathay Tri-Tech

Canaan Inc has announced today that it is entering into a partnership with Cathay Tri-Tech. The partnership is based on the focus of expanding into the Artificial Intelligence architecture and technological products. This collaboration is specifically for introducing Canaan’s AI facial recognition module to the Japanese market. This AI recognition module utilizes the company’s self-developed Kendryte K210 AI chip.

Use of Kendryte K210 for Artificial Intelligence-based facial recognition

Kendryte K210 AI chip is purposefully designed for visual assessment tasks through its processing machine and allows for audio processing as well to some extent. Chips being the core of Canaan’s product; the k210 chip is a compact and low-power consumer which allows it to be a core chip for various ranges of applications that require facial and image recognition. This includes products and machines like smart door locks, elevator systems, vending machines, smart access controls and smart security systems.

What Cathay gains by collaborating in this partnership?

Through this partnership, Cathay will be creating edge computing, a C-series of AI products for the first time, and selling it. Cathay also benefits in another way from this deal; it will use Canaan’s AI facial recognition module and IoT product line to develop its own AI integrated line of products known as Artificial Intelligence of Things.

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