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A Rise In Teligent (TLGT) Stock In Early Trades: Why?

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In the current market trading session, Teligent Inc. (TLGT) advanced 4.74% at $0.63. During the previous trading session, Teligent stock gained 3.69% to close at $0.60. The TLGT stock was traded between $0.581 and $0.635. There were 3.01 million shares traded, which was below its daily average of 6.62 million shares over the past 100 days. Recent news could probably provide some insight since the TLGT stock wasn’t up for current news.

Recent developments:

Teligent is a generic pharmaceuticals specialty manufacturer. TLGT manufactures, markets, distributes, and sells generic topical pharmaceutical products, branded generic pharmaceuticals, and generic injectables in the United States and Canada. There are generic pharmaceutical products available by TLGT in topical, injectable, and ophthalmic dosage forms. In addition, Teligent is involved in liquid and semi-liquid topical pharmaceutical manufacturing, formulating, filling, and packaging for pharmaceutical and over-the-counter needs.

Teligent’s Chief Financial Officer Ernest R. De Paolantonio was officially appointed this month and he took over on April 15, 2021.

Mr. De Paolantonio has been a financial and business expert in the pharmaceutical industry for over 40 years. De Paolantonio most recently served as Chief Financial Officer of Fortovia Therapeutics, a private health care company that provided support for cancer patients and their families.

Further compensations:

In connection with the hiring of Mr. De Paolantonio, Teligent (TLGT)’s Board of Directors authorized the grant of 195,000 restricted stock units and 240,000 shares of TLGT Common Stock to Mr. De Paolantonio.

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