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Two Crypto Firms Make it to TIME’s Most Influential Companies’ List

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The cryptocurrency market has observed performance unparalleled to other investment alternatives. The bull run of 2021 resulted in a renewed fame of cryptocurrencies as well as a wider acceptance. Where the views of sceptics would turn the market bearish once, today institutional behemoths, billionaires, and veteran investors have all pledged their support to cryptocurrencies.

The influence that blockchain technology has on our lives is inadvertently going to rise as we become more entangled with the technology. Two cryptocurrency firms have made it to TIME magazine’ 100 most influential companies’ list. The crypto firms to have made I to the list are Coinbase and Digital Currency Group.

The Top 100 Most Influential Companies’ list had four broad categories – Pioneers, Leaders, Innovators & Disrupters. The list gauged the impact that firms have been able to create over the course of a year.

Coinbase, the leading cryptocurrency exchange, recently got listed on NASDAQ which marked a turning point in the journey of cryptocurrency adoption & acceptance. Coinbase had recorded revenues higher in the first quarter of 2021 than the previous full year. The crypto exchange was listed alongside giants like Facebook and Alibaba and the magazine called it be “shoring up cryptos credibility” specifically pointing towards the direct listing on April 14.

Digital Currency Group made it to the list primarily because of its subsidiaries, Grayscale & the crypto news website CoinDesk. Grayscale is an asset management firm dealing in cryptocurrencies. Grayscale’s assets under management totals to $45.4 billion. Digital Currency Group’s name on the list may also be attributed to the recent partnership between DCG and TIME magazine for a series of educational videos on cryptocurrencies, for which TIME will be paid by Grayscale in cryptocurrencies.

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