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What Drove Cannonau (CNNC) Stock Up 13%?

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The stock of Cannonau Corp. (OTCPink-CNNC) rose significantly and reached $2.3000 at the previous close, an increase of 13.30%. The Cannonau stock price fell -30.30% last week versus its monthly drop of -20.69%. After CNNC stock risen in the absence of current news, the new developments that occurred recently help us better understand CNNC.

How did things go recently?

For the health-conscious consumer, Cannonau offers an array of Full-Spectrum Hemp-CBD products. As a company, CNNC’s mission is to offer high-quality, pure, and all-natural cannabidiol (CBD) products.

CNNC stands behind its pure full-spectrum products from beginning to end with complete transparency. The many therapeutic qualities of CBD are recognized by CNNC, which seeks to make people aware of them and improve their lives.

A new distribution agreement between Cannonau and Virtual Medical International, Inc. has extended the CNNC’s distribution channels.

Virtual Medical recently transitioned to a multi-channel business model derived by earning revenue from the sale of products through company-owned retail locations, franchise locations, domestic distributorships, and third-party contract manufacturing, as well as e-commerce and strategic alliances. QEBR’s business model, which is to provide high-quality CBD-centric products and partner with complementary product acquisitions, focuses to improve consumer health.

How CNNC will be benefited?

The agreement, that kicked in on April 30, 2021, will entitle Virtual Medical to distribute or resell Cannonau (CNNC)’s Full-Spectrum CBD products to the general public, both online and in retail outlets. CNNC will be able to strengthen its presence on the CBD market through Virtual Medical International’s network.

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