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What Happened In Last Session To Make XEBEF Stock Rise 13%?

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As of Monday’s close, stock of global provider of clean energy solutions Xebec Adsorption Inc (OTCQX: XEBEF) was up 12.96 percent at $3.4000 and had been trading in a day range of $2.9650 to $3.4000.

Over the past 12 months, Xebec stock has gained over 49.56 percent, reaching a high of $9.0000 with a market cap of $483.75M. Although XEBEF stock was upbeat without any recent news, it recently announced quarterly results.

Quarterly performance in brief:

In the energy, mobility, and industrial sectors, Xebec offers clean, renewable energy solutions. In addition to deploying proprietary technologies for hydrogen production, XEBEF also provides solutions for renewable natural gas, oxygen production, and nitrogen production.

Last week, Xebec released its first quarter results for 2021, highlighting the following:

  • XEBEF recorded an increase of $8.4 million in posting quarterly revenue of $20.6 million which was $12.2 million in the same period of the last year.
  • In the three-month period ended March 31, 2021, XEBEF generated an adjusted EBITDA of ($5.8) million, compared with $0.7 million in the year-ago quarter.
  • For the three months ended March 31, 2021, XEBEF had a net loss of $9.2 million or ($0.06) per share compared to a loss of $0.7 million or ($0.01) per share the year before.
  • XEBEF’s working capital of $129.4 million on March 31, 2021, has a current ratio of 3.6:1. On December 31, 2020, working capital was $171.1 million and a current ratio of 4.1:1.
  • For fiscal 2021, XEBEF management expects revenues of approximately $110.0 to $130.0 million and adjusted EBITDA margins between 3.0% and 4.0%.
  • Xebec (XEBEF) had $108.5 million of cash as of March 31, 2021, compared to $168.6 million at December 31, 2020.

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