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What Motivated QUBT Stock To Climb 39%?

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Shares of the leader in bridging the power of classic and quantum computing Quantum Computing, Inc [OTCQB: QUBT] surged 39.23% during the previous session, closing at $6.8500. The daily volume of Quantum Computing stock was 462.13K versus the 30-day average of 103.17K. The QUBT stock price ranged from $0.8310 to $25.070 in the last 52 weeks. As quantum software was applied across many business segments, QUBT stock rose.

How QUBT applied the software?

Quantum computing develops quantum-based business solutions by accelerating its value. With the launch of Qatalyst, QUBT’s flagship product, SMEs can resolve complex computational problems without exposing their complexity.

Quantum Computing announced last week it was collaborating with major firms on quantum applications tailored to various industries. Quantum-driven solutions to current problems are being defined, created, and tested by QUBT in collaboration with subject matter experts and market leaders participating in the program.

The following use cases are under development:

  • Leading data analytics firm on online fraud detection and physical access to secure sites using quantum technology, specifically detecting fraudulent activity on credit cards.
  • After the recent Colonial Pipeline ransomware cyber-attack, a global oil company is focusing on optimizing oil supply chains as well as pipeline cyber security.
  • An international company working on intelligent routing and distribution optimization, as well as robotic automation for logistical order fulfillment, explores quantum opportunities in these areas.
  • An accounting and auditing company is investigating the possibility of scaling up quantum computing capabilities to assess risk and optimize complex business processes.
  • Quantum computing is being used by an innovative pharmaceutical company to optimize drug trials, diagnostics, and treatment options.

Major Player:

QUBT’s QikStart program, which aims to foster and develop practical applications of Qatalyst, the company’s quantum application accelerator, is the driving force behind these joint efforts. With the launch of QikStart earlier this year, Quantum Computing (QUBT) initiative has attracted the attention and participation of companies seeking to adopt quantum computing techniques in order to solve mission-critical problems today and in the future.

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