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Why Did AWSL Stock Gain 34%?

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The stock of Atlantic Power & Infrastructure Corp. (OTCPink-AWSL) soared impressively, rising a whopping 34.15% to $0.1100 at the previous close. On a weekly basis, Atlantic Power & Infrastructure stock price was 18.92% higher, and on a monthly basis, it was 24.29% higher. As an AWSL product was specified for an eco-friendly infrastructure project, the AWSL stock rose.

What is that project?

Globally, Atlantic Power & Infrastructure develops power and infrastructure projects based on renewable energy. AWSL manufactures and distributes porous flexible pavements through its recently acquired K.B. Industries. At the same time, AWSL is actively developing projects to convert municipal solid waste (MSW) and biomass waste (agriculture, yard, food, and raw sewage) into pellets.

The Atlanta Beltline Walkway and Bicycle Path will feature KBI Flexi-Pave, according to news from Atlantic Power.

  • KBI’s Flexi-Pave has been tested extensively over the past five years on the Atlanta Beltline and has proven to be the better alternative.
  • Approximately 33,000 feet of Walkway and Bicycle Path will be widened by an average of 2 feet by adding KBI Flexi-Pave while existing Asphalt paths will be preserved.
  • With this project, the Beltline will experience less erosion, preventing water from flowing off the asphalt sides during a storm and eroding the subbase underneath, causing costly failures and damage to the sides of the pavement.

Acknowledgment for AWSL:

The KBI Flexi-Pave uses recycled tire granules together with aggregates and a proprietary binding agent to create a totally benign, ecologically responsible porous paving product. Furthermore, its use in Beltline confirms Atlantic Power (AWSL)’s a commitment to pursuing sustainable solutions.

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