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Has Readen (RHCO) Stock Risen 87% For A Reason?

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During the past trading session, shares of Readen Holding Corp (OTCPK: RHCO) rose 87.50% to $0.1050. 3.79M shares of Readen  stock were traded at a price range of $0.0630 to $0.1300 during the session. In the absence of current news, the RHCO stock price, giving us an opportunity to focus on recent developments in RHCO.

How was the recent progress?

With a history of over 30 years, Readen holds a range of diversified businesses. The RHCO’s goal is to maximize shareholder value by acquiring and growing businesses that can generate sustainable free cash flow and attractive returns over the long term. Europe and Asia are home to subsidiaries and liaison offices of RHCO.

It was announced last month that Readen would commence initial coin offering (ICO) of its 999OK-COIN.

  • There will be 3 rounds of the ICO, allowing the public to participate in this venture capital revolution.
  • 999OK-COIN is a token designed as an investment for venture capitalists.
  • The ICO will distribute 25 million coins from the total of 50 million issued during three phases.
  • In May, 999OK-COIN will be available on, and after the ICO.
  • Also soon, 999OK-COIN is due to be listed on an exchange in Europe.
  • 999OK-COIN will rate at $1.00 USD at the start of the ICO.

RHCO’s business strategy:

In the age of cyber security threats, bitcoin provides a relatively unexplored avenue of business expansion through e-commerce and payment. In its role as a venture capital company, Readen (RHCO) aims to promote the adoption of Blockchain technology among the average person and make it part of everyday life.

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