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How Does The BoxVn (VCEX) Stock Price Increase By 75%?

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Shares of the emerging leader in the fast-growing Driver and Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) supply segment of the logistics industry BoxVn Limited (OTCPink: VCEX) saw its share price jump 75.00% to conclude the previous session at $0.0700.

BoxVn stock gained 133.33% over the last week, versus a monthly loss of -22.22%. Since the VCEX stock increased in the absence of current news, there may be some reason to think that recent developments will provide additional insights into the VCEX.

How has the recent past been?

BoxVN formerly known as Vaccex Inc began as a small recruitment firm and quickly expanded into a light commercial vehicle (LCV) and driver supply business. VCEX is a company that offers flexible and long-term LCV supply to logistics businesses. BoxVn is tailored to logistics businesses and drivers with a non-traditional approach that provides premium service at a low price point.

Providing dependable and integral services to one of the most rapidly growing sectors of the world, VCEX provides its customers with a variety of services that are so unique; they have revolutionized flexible vehicle supply, unemployment, and driver recruitment.

Press release regarding trading activity in BoxVn shares was recently published. VCEX issued the release due to the SEC’s 10-trading-day suspension order, until December 31, 2021, due to concerns about the quality and accuracy of information in the marketplace about the company. Having retained securities attorneys, VCEX will contact the SEC and will provide the marketplace with additional information to support its claims and actions.

VCEX’s business continuity plan:

BoxVn (VCEX) is exploring other opportunities to list on recognized exchanges, in a timely manner, in order to get the liquidity and profile that such a listing brings. Management at VCEX is working quickly to resolve this situation and urged shareholders to be patient during this process.

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