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Pharmagreen (PHBI) Stock Jumped 151% On Friday, Why?

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A gain of 151.18% brought the market capitalization of Pharmagreen Biotech Inc (OTCPink: PHBI) to $18.45M after its share price closed at $0.0530 last session. Pharmagreen stock traded 86.42M shares recently, above its average 30-day volume of 8.41M. PHBI stock rose on news a series about Pharmagreen would be filmed.

How will that series be structured?

Pharmagreen focuses on hemp CBD production and distribution through the use of proprietary tissue culture technology, with the potential to become one of the largest players in the CBD hemp industry. PHBI’s mission is to advance the field of tissue culture science as well as provide CBD hemp farmers and other flora with high-quality plants that are 100% germ-free and disease-free.

DNA testing is offered for plant identification, tissue cultures preserved at low temperatures in low temperature storage for live genetics; the extraction of botanical oils, primarily CBD oil; and project development for the cannabis and agriculture industries in North America.

A 6-part series on Pharmagreen is planned for FMW Media’s business TV show “New to The Street”, announced PHBI.

  • PHBI CEO Peter Wojcik and Jane King, the lead host of the TV show, discussed the current state of the organization’s operations.
  • As part of the 6-part televised series, Mr. Wojcik and other PHBI team members discuss how the Company plans to become one of the largest producers of hemp starter plants and add high CBD products to meet the growing demand.
  • This Sunday, May 23, 2021, at 10-11 AM ET, Newsmax TV broadcasted the first interview with Mr. Wojcik and TV host Jane King.
  • The Fox Business Network will air a rebroadcast of the interview on Monday, May 24, 10:30 PT.

How does PHBI benefit from media series?

PHBI’s business model is explored in-depth in FMW’s 6-part series for syndicated television audiences. Pharmagreen (PHBI)’s proprietary starter plantlets and the extensive experience and understanding of the hemp-marketed CBD products will provide very valuable information to attending audiences.

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