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What Led The Energytopia (ENRT) Stock To Increase 22%?

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At the previous close, the stock of Energytopia Corp (OTCQB: ENRT) surged 22.38% to $0.0525. In the last week, ENRT’s stock performance was 15.64%, compared to -46.75% over the last month. ENR stock prices were on an upswing without recent news, so recent developments might give a better idea of the stock.

Have there been any recent developments at ENRT?

To build shareholder value, a company uses modern technology on lithium extraction and sourcing or verifying other IP in electric vehicles and green technologies. Shares of ENRT are traded under the ticker symbol ENRT in the United States.

Energyopia recently provided an update to its shareholders on the company’s Nevada Lithium claims, intellectual property, and patents.

  • Engineering, research, and development teams at ENRT have successfully tested its patented solar device prototype in BETA testing.
  • The data gathering process ENRT completed resulted in not one, but two new patentable products based on the technology.
  • ERRT has submitted two provisional patents to its patent attorneys for final approval.
  • The speed of patent attorneys to review submission is all ENRT can control at this time.
  • ENRT will be able to discuss further the patent applications and 3rd party testing program once the provisional patents have been filed.

What is ENRT looking forward to?

Energyopia (ENRT) predicts the Nevada lithium claystone deposits will be the major source of Lithium production by the 2020s, while also supplying a reliable domestic supply of battery-grade Lithium. Among the growing opportunities for a better world, the convergence of many technologies is transforming the way ENRT generates and consumes electric power.

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