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Why Did Athena (GPLA) Stock Gain 79%?

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In the last session, Athena Bitcoin Global, fka GamePlan, Inc. (OTC: GPLA) closed at $0.2150 after a rise of 79.17% that brought its market cap to $870.62. There are 4.05 billion shares of Athena stock outstanding and 609.9 million floating shares. GPLA’s stock spiked after the registration statement was submitted to regulatory authorities.

What did the GPLA file?

North and South America are home to Athena, which operates ATMs that accept bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Individuals can purchase and sell bitcoins and bitcoin cash when using GPLA’s peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange. As an advisory firm, GPLA works with companies and real estate developers on a variety of equity and fixed income transactions.

Athena submitted a confidential draft registration statement to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

  • Upon completion of the SEC review process, Athena’s Form S-1 will become effective. Other market and other conditions may affect the effectiveness of the Form S-1.
  • As part of the announcement, GPLA is changing its name to “Athena Bitcoin Global” from “GamePlan, Inc.”
  • The new name took effect April 15, 2021, when it was submitted to the Secretary of State of Nevada.
  • A new name change to Athena Bitcoin Global and a new symbol for the company will also be announced by FINRA when the corporate action becomes effective.
  • A GPLA application has yet to be accepted by FINRA.

Why GPLA did announce name change?

By issuing that press release, GPLA is complying with the rules set by the SEC and does not intend to make any stock offerings or solicitations. A registration statement will be filed with the Securities Act in connection with any offers, solicitations, or sales of Athena (GPLA) securities. Under the ticker symbol GPLA, Athena Bitcoin Global shares trade on the OTC Pink Markets.

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