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Why Has The Oncolytics (ONCWF) Stock Price Gained 68% In Last Session?

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The share price of Oncolytics Biotech Inc. (OTCPink: ONCWF) closed up 68.45 percent on Friday at $0.1420, with the stock trading between $0.1226 and $0.1420 during the day. The ONCWF stock has gained 74.88% over the last 12 months, reaching a high of $3.0000. The ONCWF stock rose after the company released clinical and biomarker data.

The data referred to what?

Biotechnology company Oncolytics develops pelareorep, an immunotherapeutic agent delivered intravenously. It enhances the inflamed phenotype of cancerous tumours, leading to the transformation of “cold” tumors into “hot” ones through innate and adaptive immunity to treat a variety of cancers.

Pelereorep, developed by ONCWF, has demonstrated synergies with immune checkpoint inhibitors. It may also be effective with other immunotherapy agents. Last week, Oncolytics announced that preliminary trial results for pelareorep-checkpoint inhibitor combination therapy in pancreatic cancer demonstrate clinical proof-of-concept.

A poster presentation will be presented using digital data at the 2021 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting, taking place virtually from June 4 – 8, 2021. Oncwf’s new data come from a study of pembrolizumab (KEYTRUDA) in tandem with pelareorep in pancreatic adenocarcinoma patients who had not responded to first-line therapy.

These results show that pembrolizumab and pelareorep synergize and show anticancer activity in patients who have been resistant to other therapies, and that this synergy stems from their complementary immunotherapeutic actions.

In what ways does ONCWF expects to succeed?

The trial results report by ONCWF are extremely encouraging, especially with the complex patient population that was enrolled in the study. Oncolytics (ONCWF) observed a response signal in select patients, despite lack of chemotherapy, which suggests pelareorep-pembrolizumab treatment combination therapy shows substantial anti-cancer activity.

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