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What Happened To Make B2Digital (BTDG) Stock Rise 9%?

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The premier development league for mixed martial arts (“MMA”), B2Digital Inc (OTCPk: BTDG) closed on Monday at $0.0050, up 8.70 percent. B2Digital stock has been trading between $0.0051 and $0.0043 during the day.

Over the last 12 months, BTDG stock gained 66.67% with a high of $0.0350 and a $6.13M market cap. BTDG stock has been rising after an acquisition last week.

Which acquisition did BTDG make?

With extensive experience in entertainment, television, video, and technology, B2Digital is now forging ahead and expanding into the live event sports arena. BTDG intends to develop champions from its B2 Fighting Series brand that will go on to compete in major MMA leagues across the country. B2 Fighting Series or B2FS, was developed and deployed by BTDG.

In addition, event management, digital distribution, social media marketing, PPV, digital ticketing, merchandise sales, FTV (Free to View), digital marketing, financial program control, and brand management are included. B2Digital Company owns all of the rights for the B2Digital companies related to programming, internet, social media, marketing, merchandising and naming, and branding.

The business purchase agreement between B2Digital and Club Fitness, Inc., an Alabama corporation located in Birmingham, Alabama, was closed last week.

  • BTDG has been acquiring Club Fitness under the Agreement, including ownership of all of its business assets, such as customer relationships, revenue streams, infrastructure, fitness facility equipment, and equipment for existing fitness facilities.
  • The fitness facility will become the fifth “One More Gym” facility owned and operated by BTDG under the company’s B2 Fighting Series brand, which is a combat sports training and fitness facility linked to the other B2 Fighting Series locations.
  • To fully integrate the facility into the B2 Training Facilities Network, BTDG plans to renovate it and add training areas for Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, and MMA.

Is the acquisition beneficial to BTDG?

One More Gym and B2 Fighting Series work together effectively to create a strong synergy that helps BTDG deliver long-term shareholder value. The acquisition will also help B2Digital (BTDG) create a high-impact marketing channel for aspiring fighters and MMA fans by offering a platform for fighter development.

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