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Why Did The iMD (ICBU) Stock Dropped In The Last Session?

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The closing price of iMD Companies Inc (OTCPINK: ICBU) was down -5.33% to $0.0160 yesterday. In contrast to its average weekly volume of 34.00M, IMD stock volume was 37.31M on the day. Despite signing a master network service agreement lease, ICBU stock plummeted.

With whom did the contract get signed?

Based in Florida, iMD has been repositioned to be a holding company for acquisitions and technological development in the financial sector, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and non-fungible tokens (NFT). In order to be able to mine and plot in California, Arizona, and Utah, ICBU has expanded its operations. ICBU’s team members’ expertise is harnessed so they can create a cohesive force in the marketplace that will help the company achieve sustainable growth.

iMD yesterday announced that it has signed a lease with an Orem, Utah data center for a Master Network Service Agreement.

The Chia plotting and farming operations of the ICBU have been extended into a facility that is connected to the Internet backbone. This Network Operating Center (NOC) is ultra fast and highly efficient. Fiber internet speed is ICBU’s key advantage in using this location for Chia Farming.

How ICBU will go through it?

  • iMD (ICBU)’s new network service agreement goes into effect on June 1.
  • ICBU plans to construct its first rack-mount server enclosure with a 500 hard drive capacity in June.
  • The location was chosen specifically because IMD (ICBU) has the ability to expand here.
  • In the next two months, ICBU hopes to source another 1000 hard drives to outfit its Orem facility’s server enclosures.
  • The ICBU also believes that the increased speed of fiber can improve the efficiency of farming.

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