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5 Coins That Are Making A Comeback

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The brutal market crash has resulted in nearly reversal of all the gains observed by cryptocurrencies in the bull run of 2021. However, as the market cooled down, cryptocurrencies began an upward move again. A price rally may be in the cards as cryptocurrencies are turning increasingly bullish. Here are some of the coins that you may want to watch out for:

Celsius (CEL) is one of the best performers in the top 100 cryptocurrencies despite the market crash. The cryptocurrency has a gain of 8.38%. The cryptocurrency had fallen to its 30-day low at $5.46. At the time of writing, Celsius is trading hands at $7.03 apiece. The cryptocurrency is showing bullish momentum with a price increase of nearly 5% in the twenty-four timeframe. The daily trading volume has decreased by nearly 35%. Celsius CEO is confident of the cryptocurrency sphere and says the industry “is going to do just fine” without Tesla.

Helium (HNT) is another good performer of the week. The cryptocurrency had a gain of nearly 5% in the weekly timeframe. Helium cryptocurrency’s low was at $8.23 for the bear week. At the time of writing, Helium stands at a price level of $15.02. The cryptocurrency price is on an uptrend with a twenty-four hour increase of almost 10%. The daily trading volume is also on the rise.

Bitcoin BEP2 (BTCB) had a 0.82% loss in the past week. The cryptocurrency is a BEP2 token backed 100% by Bitcoin. The reserve addresses can be audited by anyone. At the time of writing, BTCB stands at a price level of $40,200. The price of the coin has increased by 5% in the daily timeframe while the trading volume has decreased by 20%.

Bitcoin (BTC), the king of the market, is believed to have already seen the worst in the market crash. In the weekly timeframe, the king of the market had declined by a meagre 0.23%. At the time of writing, Bitcoin stands at a price level of $40,274– where once the $40k level was considered as strong resistance. Bitcoin’s downfall started after Tesla denounced the use of BTC as a mode of payment and China announced a crackdown on Bitcoin mining. The downfall of the cryptocurrency may be over as Bitcoin increased by 7% in the twenty-four timeframe.

Polygon (MATIC) has stolen the limelight and even on a downtrend, it is still considered to have a good future potential. The cryptocurrency has declined by 8% in the past week. The layer-1 scaling solution for Ethereum from India has seen a sharp increase in yield farmers on the network. More and more people are flocking towards cryptocurrency with bullish price predictions for the future.

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