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Why Did MHHC Stock Go 82% Higher Last Session?

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MHHC Enterprises Inc (OTCPink: MHHC) closed the last session at $0.40 after seeing its market capitalization increase by 81.82% to $1.97M. MHHC stock has been trading flat at $0.40 after closing the previous session at $0.22. MHHC stock has 4.92M shares outstanding with 0.48M of float. Following the release of an update and business plan, MHHC stock has been rising.

MHHC’s update in a nutshell:

MHHC MHHC Enterprises is a diversified holding company, focused on its three primary operating companies:

  1. MHHC Warranty and Services Inc.
  2. MHHC Reinsurance, Inc.
  3. ONBLi, Inc.

MHHC currently has over 1,000 retail locations across the United States that sell Extended Service Contracts (ESC). MHHC offers help desk services and warranty insurance administration for both businesses and consumers nationwide. In addition, MHHC’s organization offers programs that include heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) services for several manufacturers and commercial constructions.

This past week, MHHC provided a corporate update and discussed its subsidiaries. MHHC plans to list on the OTCQB along with providing shareholders and potential investors with audited financials. MHHC plans to establish at least five wholly-owned subsidiaries by the end of 2021 and to significantly expand its existing businesses as well.

How is MHHC planning to move forward?

Through 2021 and beyond, MHHC will strive to exceed customer, shareholder, and potential investors’ expectations by bouncing back from the pandemic stronger than before.

According to current plans, MHHC will continue to generate shareholder value through the expansion of its core businesses and establishment of additional wholly-owned subsidiaries.

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