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ABML Stock Fell 8% On Wednesday, Why?

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American Battery Metals Corp (OTCQB: ABML) fell -8.25 percent to $2.2800 at the close yesterday. ABML stock volume was 8.31M, compared to its average weekly volume of 9.28M. Despite a strategic partnership, ABML stock dropped.

Who was involved in that partnership?

Through its three divisions, of recycling lithium-ion batteries, extraction technology, and primary resources, American Battery is uniquely positioned to provide battery metals. An ABML recycling facility for lithium-ion batteries was recently opened in Fernley, Nevada. In addition, ABML published a public statement outlining its business philosophy and approach.  Moreover, AMBL is preparing to change its name to American Battery Technology Company (“ABTC”).

Cicle, Inc. and ABML, two green technologies innovators, announced yesterday their partnership.

  • ABML and Cicle EV ChargeParks were close to creating a centralized recycling program for EV batteries, the first of its kind.
  • As global automakers and truck fleets shift to electric mobility, the ventures will partner up to meet heightened consumer demand.
  • For the fast-growing EV ecosystem, the strategic partnership provides a solution to a critical renewable energy supply problem.
  • Until recently, recharging short-range batteries in cars and trucks has relied on environmentally unfriendly and inefficient local power grids.
  • Together, ABML and Cicle ChargeParks have developed a highly advanced, practical, and practical technology for renewable energy.

In what ways is ABML disrupting EV batteries market?

Cicle facilities would be equipped to recycle EV batteries collected by ABML as part of The ABML Concept. American Battery Metals (ABML) created a closed-loop battery recycling process at its Fernley, Nevada, pilot facility. Through the pilot project, AMBL plans to separate and recover crucial materials from end-of-life batteries and from defects and waste from battery production facilities. In a true closed-loop system, AMBL refines the recovered metals to battery-grade specifications before selling them.

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