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Has Genscript (GNNSF) Stock Increased For A Reason Last Session?

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Last session, the world’s leading reagents provider GenScript Biotech Corp (OTCPink: GNNSF) closed at $3.48 after seeing a rise of 16.00% that raised its market capitalization to $6.88B. GenScript stock has been trading at a flat $3.48 level. The GNNSF stock price increased when no current news was available, so recent developments may provide more insight about the company.

How has GNNSF been recently?

In the global biotech sector, GenScript serves a number of customers. The GNNSF has developed four major platforms leveraging its leading gene synthesis technology, including the global cell therapy platform, the biologics contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) platform, the contract research organization (CRO) platform, and the industrial synthesis product platform. More than 100 patents and more than 270 patent applications protect GenScript intellectual property and technology secrets. Approximately 42,000 peer-reviewed journals cited GNNSF’s products and services worldwide as of December 31, 2019.

Recent company news unveiled that GenScript has started a Research Lentiviral Vector Packaging Service to aid researchers in research on cell lines, gene editing, and drug discovery.

  • With GNNSF’s proprietary platform, scientists can create functional, intact viruses from almost any genetic material of their choice.
  • It is becoming increasingly important to have access to high-quality lentiviruses to discover therapeutics against COVID-19 as well as any new mutant strains of the virus.
  • In the Krogan lab at UCSF’s Quantitative Biosciences Institute (QBI) and the Gladstone Institute of Data Science and Biosciences (GIDB), molecular and systems biologist Dr Nevan Krogan has been using GNNSF’s lentiviruses to identify drugs that can inhibit COVID-19.

How did QBI’s biologist explain it?

Krogan said that QBI’s ability to evaluate existing drugs that might be repurposed for fighting COVID-19 faster has been facilitated by direct access to GNNSF’s high-quality, functionally intact titers. QBI would have wasted time and money generating lentiviruses on its own, and if the quality of viral vectors was poor, it would have needed to repeat experiments multiple times, delaying its progress. Because of this reason, QBI plans to provide lentivirus services in the future in cooperation with GenScript (GNNSF).

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