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Is Suntex (SNTX) Stock Price Up This Past Session?

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Suntex Enterprises Inc [OTCPINK: SNTX] stock rose 9.66% to $0.0670 a share at the previous close. More than 178,000 shares of Suntex stock traded against an average volume of 16.76K shares over the past 30 days.

The SNTX stock has fallen and risen between $0.0022 and $0.5300 during the past 52 weeks. SNTX stock is gaining traction as it has tweeted to provide an update on the company’s progress.

Did SNTX release that update?

With a strong focus on the future, Suntex is an innovative U.S.-based company that acquires and develops innovative, emerging products. SNTX is a Nevada-based multi-corporation conglomerate which aims to acquire companies that have a bright future from a variety of industries in order to increase both shareholder and company value.

Recent news announced by Suntex unveiled that its wholly owned subsidiary, Budding botanicals, has made good on all of its costly machinery, including the production equipment.

Consequently, SNTX’s Budding Botanicals is virtually debt free due to prudent fiscal policies. As a result of Budding Botanical’s freedom from machinery cost, SNTX has seen its growth maximized. According to SNTX, Budding Botanicals has been able to lower its prices on all products in its online retail location due to lower production costs.

A commitment from Suntex:

Suntex (SNTX) stated that budding botanicals is developing a new line of CBD products, aimed at meeting customer demand. Upon the completion of the development process, SNTX committed to making more information available about that exciting new line of products.

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