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On What Basis Did JRSS Stock Rise 43%?

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JRSIS Health Care Corp (OTCQX: JRSS) gained 43.46% during the last session to $0.5499, bringing its market value to $6.99M. JRSIS stock traded 34.77K shares, greater than its average daily volume of 27.12K.

As well, JRSS stock has been fluctuating between $0.3040 and $0.6000. The rise in JRSS stock in the absence of current news allows us to then better analyze the company by looking at recent developments.

Are things going well at JRSS?

Florida-based JRSIS provides health care services. Aside from its China branches, JRSS’ principal subsidiaries are the Harbin Jiarun Hospital and two other entities. In addition to providing patients with medical services, such as hospitalization, outpatient, emergency, and examinations, JRSS subsidiaries also provide a broad range of private hospital services.

JRSIS has recently announced its financial results for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2020.

Financial Highlights:

  • In fiscal year 2020, revenues posted by JRSS were $35.71 million, up from $31.46 million in fiscal year 2019.
  • The increase in JRSS’ revenue was due to more services being provided to patients.
  • Based on EBITDA of $5.25 million in 2019, JRSS’ 2020 have EBITDA of $9.03 million.
  • Investing activities by JRSS accounted for $8.27 million in 2020, a $3.56 million increase over the previous year.

Revenue generated by JRSS:

The revenue recorded by JRSS in 2020 increased by 13% when compared to the revenue of $31,463,433 in 2019. Although, the number of treated inpatients decreased 29% to 14,649, JRSS saw its revenues from patient services increased by 27%.

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