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How Has The HYDI Stock Appreciated 19% In The Last Session?

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The stock of Hydromer Inc (OTCPINK: HYDI) surged 18.82% to $1.01 at the previous close. In comparison with its monthly performance of -7.33%, the Hydromer stock has performed -0.98% over the last week. Following its selection as a major coatings supplier, HYDI stock price rose.

What made HYDI the best choice?

Hydromer provides innovative surface modification and coatings solutions around the globe. In addition to adding value to their clients’ products, HYDI solutions provide marketing support to help them stand out from the competition. HYDI is a customer-centric organization that strives to meet the needs of its clients innovatively.

Hydromer announced recently that it had been selected by Avinger as a key coatings and services provider. HMDI was selected to provide coating for Avinger’s intravascular image-guided, catheter-based systems for diagnosing and treating patients with peripheral artery disease (PAD).

One of Avinger’s best-in-class product lines utilizing Hydromer’s coated products is Pantheris, the world’s first image-guided atherectomy device. Another is Ocelot, the first image-guided CTO crossing device.

How will HYDI offer its products?

Avinger’s groundbreaking medical devices will benefit from the hydrophilic coatings and service capabilities offered by Hydromer (HYDI). Hydrophilic coatings from HYDI will enable Avinger’s cutting-edge devices to penetrate deeper, faster, and more accurately into the patient’s vasculature while reducing injury to the inside of the patient’s arteries.

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