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On What Basis Did The QDROF Stock Dropped -7.5%?

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During the past session, Quadro Resources Ltd. (OTCQB: QDROF) shares closed down -7.44% to $0.1119. A total of 104.02K shares traded during the session, with Quadro stock trading between $0.1052 and $0.1119. Following a 16% gain the previous session, the QDROF stock dropped.

How did QDROF do recently?

Publicly traded company Quadro explores and develops minerals. A successful and experienced management team leads QDROF in its pursuit of gold exploration in North America. Staghorn is owned by QDROF, and QDROF has an option to earn a 100% stake in Long Lake and Careless Cove in Newfoundland and Labrador.

It was announced last week that Quadro was conducting soil sampling and prospecting surveys on the Careless Cove property (the “Property”) in east-central Newfoundland, southwest of Glenwood.

Gold mineralization of up to 11.38g/t Au has been found on the Eastern Block, and 59.413g/t Au has been found on the Western Block by QDROF in its previous work on the two claim blocks. It lies eleven kilometers southwest of New Found Gold’s (“NFG”) Keats Zone in the Central Newfoundland Gold Belt.

QDROF: what did it find?

As a result of QDROF’s drilling in that zone, samples have assayed up to 261.3 g/t Au over 7.2m and 146.2 g/t Au over 25.6m. Quadro (QDROF)’s claim licenses surround NFG’s Queensway Project and are located directly west of the Appleton Fault Zone, which hosts mineralization in the Keats Zone.

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