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Has SAML Stock Risen 44% Last Session For A Reason?

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Stock of Samsara Luggage Inc (OTCPk: SAML) jumped significantly as it reached $5.8600 at previous close, an increase of 43.98%. Compared to its monthly performance of 191.54%, Samsara Luggage stock has performed 106.34% over the last week. SAML’s stock rose as it expects dramatic sales growth in the upcoming year.

How will SAML increase sales?

Samsara is a global smart luggage and smart travel brand focused on making travel an effortless experience, rather than a hassle. With its innovative products, SAML transforms the travel industry by combining IoT technology, innovative design and quality materials. SAML created the Smart Weekender Nano Bag in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, an overnight travel bag treated with bacteriostatic nanotechnology that prevents bacteria from growing on the fabric.

As recently reported by Authority Magazine, Samsara Luggage will use the launch of the Next Gen brand of luggage to continue boosting sales and preparing for an upcoming uplisting in the capital markets.

  • Recently, SAML announced that revenue for the first quarter of 2021 increased by 275% over last year.
  • A new generation of smart carry-on suitcases is expected to debut in the coming months as travel resumes.
  • Upon its unveiling at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the Next Gen was received with enthusiasm and anticipation.

What is SAML’s role in making a difference?

The next generation carry-on from Samsara Luggage (SAML) features WiFi Hotspot technology that gives travelers access to a global network during their travels. In addition to GPS tracking and Bluetooth 5.1, SAML’s Next Gen line also offers features such as USB-C charging and wireless charging port.

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