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How Did The Kalera (KSLLF) Stock Rise Nearly 41%?

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Shares of Kalera AS (OTCPk: KSLLF), one of the fastest-growing US vertical farming companies in the world and a leader in plant science for producing high-quality produce in controlled environments, closed Friday’s session at $4.5000 after rising 40.63%, bringing the company’s market capitalization to $640.83. Kalera stock has traded between $1.8262 and $5.85. KSLLF stock rose despite the lack of current news, so recent developments can shed light on the stock.

How is KSLLF doing these days?

Kalera uses cutting-edge technology to cultivate plants using specially formulated light recipes, precise environmental controls, and sterile growing environments. By using these standards, KSLLF is able to produce non-GMO, pesticide-free, safe, and highly nutritious vegetables with predictable quality throughout the year. Hydroponic production facilities designed by KSLLF feature high yields, automated process data, reduction in cost, and limited environmental impact, with an industry-leading return on investment.

Kalera recently celebrated its first harvest at its Atlanta facility.

  • KSLLF’s new facility is the largest vertical farm in the Southeastern United States and the largest farm they have ever operated.
  • With a production capacity of over 10 million heads of lettuce each year, KSLLF’s lettuce factory is 77 thousand square feet in size.
  • It has created dozens of jobs in the Atlanta area, thanks to the modular building method used by KSLLF to construct the farm in just eleven months.

KSLLF – how will it excel?

By optimizing their nutrient and light recipes, Kalera (KSLLF) is able to grow high-quality, pesticide-free, non-GMO produce at accelerated rates. Since its establishment in Atlanta, KSLLF has enjoyed optimal operating efficiencies, particularly in terms of lighting productivity.

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