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On What Basis Did COSM Stock Rise 13% Last Trading?

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Cosmos Holdings Inc (OTCQX: COSM) closed the last session at $5.4200, up 12.92% from its previous close. Pink sheets Cosmos stock has 16.07 million outstanding shares compared to 2.92 million float. A recent update has caused COSM stock to rise despite the absence of current news.

What was that update about?

Cosmos Holdings brings together a wide range of pharmaceutical products, nutraceuticals, OTC medications, and medical devices, as well as a longstanding distribution network throughout the EU. With an extensive network of clients in Europe, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific, COSM identifies, acquires, develops, and commercializes products that improve patients’ lives and outcomes. Thessaloniki, Athens, and Harlow, UK are all home to COSM’s offices and distribution centers.

A recent update on the company’s business was presented by Cosmos during its Q1 2021 financial report.

Highlights of business update:

  • Four new products were introduced by COSM, including Bodyguard, Osteodome, King Eros, and Queen Venus.
  • COSM has also introduced Mosept-Oral, a new, proprietary mouthwash that is effective against bacteria, viruses, fungus, and for the symptomatic relief of sore throats.
  • New branded pharmaceutical products and nutraceuticals set to be introduced into the international market in the coming quarters will drive COSM’s revenue growth and profitability.
  • DECAHEDRON LTD, a UK-based supplier of pharmaceutical goods and fulfillment center owned by COSM, recently started selling Sky Premium Life products through Amazon United Kingdom (UK).
  • By the end of this year, COSM expects to have all of its 65 Sky Premium Life SKUs on Amazon UK.
  • In terms of e-commerce and its online global distribution strategy, the Amazon UK initiative represents a significant step forward by COSM.

How does COSM plan to proceed?

With its products available on Amazon UK, COSM is expected to experience exponential growth thanks to its robust distribution network. Furthermore, Cosmos (COSM) continues to add distributors around the world as it is planning to enter several new markets in Europe and beyond during the late part of the year.

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