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Why Did The Vivakor (VIVK) Stock Rise By 10% In Last Trading?

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Shares of the socially responsible operator, acquirer, and developer of clean energy technologies and environmental solutions, Vivakor Inc (OTCPk: VIVK) rose 9.78% at a previous close to $0.3300.

Over the last week, Viakor stock performance was -10.47% while it was -32.65% over the month. Since the VIVK stock increased when there was no news, there may be some reason to believe that recent developments will provide additional information about the company.

How has VIVK been recently?

Vivakor is a company specializing in clean energy technology, intellectual property acquisition and access to natural resources. As a corporation, VIVK strives to create, acquire, and accumulate distinct assets, intellectual property, and excellent technologies that deliver solid returns to its stakeholders and partners. Currently, VIVK focuses on bitumen (heavy crude) extraction from shallow, oil-laden areas in Eastern Utah as well as petroleum-based remediation projects around the world.

Reclaiming crude from natural and manmade polluted soils has allowed Vivakor to dramatically improve its asphalt binder creation capabilities. As per AASHTO M320, R29, VIVK’s new asphalt binder was graded as Performance Grade (PG) 70-22 by an independent laboratory.

They passed every requirement in the testing process, including mass loss percentage, rotational viscosity, stiffness, and temperature resistance, which represents a significant upgrade over their previous 64-22 rating.

In what way will VIVK disrupt this market?

Vivakor (VIVK)’s ability to remediate contaminated bituminous sands to make asphalt binder without using a refinery will be enormously valuable as road building demand rises along with the waning availability of one of the major inputs. It is expected that VIVK will produce at least 44 million barrels of heavy crude at its Utah facility, which has already begun commercializing this product.

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