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What Caused CNVCF Stock to Drop About 4%?

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BioHarvest Sciences Inc. (OTCPK: CNVCF) closed lower by -4.13% to $0.2510 in the last trading session. During the session, 54.55K shares of BioHarvest stock changed hands, ranging from $0.2477 to $0.3000. CNVCF stock seems to have settled down after gaining more than 11% in the last session on achieving significant CBD milestones.

How did those milestones come about?

Based As the exclusive owner and developer of the patent-protected and proprietary BioFarming methods, BioHarvest has its roots in Vancouver, BC. CNVCF’s plant cell technology is the first industrially scaled technology that can produce active plant ingredients without growing the plants themselves.

BioHarvest produces and sells VINIA, a functional food/dietary supplement made of red grapes cells. These are derived from CNVCF technology, which has been validated by VINIA as non-GMO.

It was announced Tuesday by BioHarvest that certain critical tasks for the completion of its Cannabis development program had been completed.

  • As part of CNVCF’s BioFarming initiative, the company has developed a method to produce cannabis-derived cannabinoids without growing the actual plant itself.
  • Despite the numerous challenges presented by the Covid 19 Pandemic, CNVCF remains committed to producing Cannabis products that are top-of-the-line in terms of quality, consistency, and cleanliness, while still maintaining an extremely competitive price.
  • As early as the first half of 2022, BioHarvest anticipates commercializing its first products derived from Cannabis.
  • A number of milestones have been achieved by CNVCF in the past three months, including Measurement Methods, Drying, Nature of Trichomes, and Bioreactors.

Does CNVCF know how to do it?

In terms of its goals in the cannabis vertical, BioHarvest (CNVCF) made good progress. With its scientific advances in plant-based cell growth, CNVCF kept making history.

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