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TRxADE (MEDS) Stock Is Down During Pre Market Trading, Can You Explain Why?

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Today’s premarket session saw TRxADE Group Inc. (MEDS) shares decline -9.30% at $6.05. In the last trading session, TRxADE stock rose 63.48% to $6.67. MEDS stock appears to be heading for a retracement after yesterday’s gain.

What led to a rise in the MEDS stock price?

Health services IT company TRxADE optimizes drug procurement, prescription journeys, and patient engagement in the US by digitalizing the retail pharmacy experience. The Bonum Health brand offers telehealth services under the TRxADE brand, which is a drug procurement marketplace bringing price transparency to 12,100+ members across the country.

The TRxADE subsidiary MedCheks has launched a mobile app, HealthPassport, that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store, announced MEDS yesterday.

  • The MedCheks app offers a QR code that can be used to show proof of health records securely once it is installed on an iOS device.
  • MEDS’ app will store health records, including vaccinations or test results, that will be needed to gain entry into a country, establishment, event or mode of transportation that requires verification protocols.
  • By providing advanced, cost-effective digital healthcare applications, TRxADE HEALTH is meeting the need to ease the reopening of the economy as COVID-19 subsides in some markets.

 How is MEDS planning to move forward?

TRxADE (MEDS) app is a trusted platform that reestablishes daily operations in a secure manner so that organizations across all verticals can take advantage of the security, ease, and cost-effective measures that it provides. With its initial partners in the months ahead, MEDS is on track to launch successfully.

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