Alset Ehome Intl. Inc. (AEI) Stock Plummets Following Public Offering News Despite Promising Partnership with Puradigm

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Alset Ehome Intl. Inc. (AEI) stock prices were down 11.43% as of the market closing on July 27th, 2021, bringing the price per share down to USD$3.41 at the end of the trading day. Subsequent premarket fluctuations saw the stock drop by 34.60%, bringing it down to USD$2.23.

Partnership with Puradigm

July 27th 2021 saw the company announced having entered into a Sales of Goods Agreement with Puradigm LLC, which will facilitate the securing of innovative and patented air and surface purification solutions. These solutions will be incorporated into AEI stock’s eco-friendly single-family home communities. The company’s products are set to be integrated into its pipeline of Alset EHomes to dramatically minimize the risk of pathogenic infections while ensuring improved standards of health and wellness.

Purifier Technology

Puradigm’s patented purification technology produces Non-Thermal Plasma (NTP) particles, which have been demonstrated to be effective against a myriad of pathogens, including Covid-19. With its aim of facilitating health and wellness around the world, the company manufactures proactive air and surface purification solutions. These safety and scalability of the solutions has been proven, with the solutions providing 24/7 protection for indoor environments of any kind.

Scope of AEI Stock’s Collaboration

The company’s innovative and patented purifier technologies are leaders in their marketspace, having been proven to be effective against a large collection of pathogens, including, but not limited to, Covid-19 and its variants, H1N1, E.coli, MRSA, Listeria, C. difficile, and staph. The company’s technology carves its own path from existing disinfection technologies that are currently available, such as chemical cleaning, UV light, and vaporized hydrogen peroxide. The patented purifier technology produces NTP particles in vast quantities, which serves to actively purify both air and surfaces in a safe and timely manner.

Purifier Functionality

The highly energized plasma molecules kill bacteria and viruses by piercing their cell walls, akin to the popping of a balloon by pricking it with something sharp. Perhaps most significant, AEI stock’s purifiers can be activated safely within people’s vicinity, with no downtime periods. There are also no harmful residues, room clearance protocols, manpower requirements or any other known adverse side effects.

Future Outlook for AEI Stock

Armed with the recent collaboration with Puradigm, AEI stock is poised to capitalize on the expanded scope of the commercialization of its products. The company is keen to spearhead a growing market to maximize market penetration, with investors hoping this translates into significant and sustained increases in shareholder value.

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