Astrotech Corp. (ASTC) Stock Surges Following Landmark Purchase Order for TRACER 1000

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Astrotech Corp. (ASTC) stock prices increased by 1.96% as of the market closing on August 24th, 2021. This brought the price per share up to USD$1.04 at the end of the trading day. Subsequent premarket fluctuations have seen the stock surge by 11.54%, bringing it up to USD$1.16.

ASTC Stock Secures Order

August 25th 2021 saw ASTC stock announce that its 1st Detect subsidiary had secured a substantial landmark purchase order. The order is for the company’s proprietary TRACER 1000, which will represent the first units to be deployed at an airport security checkpoint. Combined with prior sales to worldwide cargo facilities, the company’s TRACER explosives trace detector (ETD) will now be operating in fifteen locations. These locations span across ten countries throughout Europe and Asia.

ASTC Stock’s TRACER 1000

The company’s proprietary breakthrough TRACER 1000 is driven by the Astrotech Spectrometer Technology (AMS Tech). This is the first explosives trace detector to employ mass spectrometry. Despite having been established as the gold standard in chemical detection, mass spectrometry has always been too explosive, bulky, and cumbersome to be useful beyond the context of a lab.

Ahead of the Competition

AMS Technology sets itself apart from its competitors by operating in an ultra-high vacuum. This eliminates competing molecules that can have an adverse impact on the accuracy and quality of an analysis. The TRACER 1000 is highly accessible with its low price tag, small size, and easy to use functionality. The device boasts a high resolution, as well as almost no false alarms. TRACER 1000 is the only mass spectrometry-based ETD to have been granted European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) certification for both checkpoint and cargo security. This certification was granted on the basis of its high sensitivity and rugged design.

Scope of TRACER 1000

With the world hurtling towards universal immunization and economic recovery, air travel has seen a partial return of air travel spending following the global pandemic. The pandemic resulted in a significant slowdown in air travel spending, with ASTC stock now reporting renewed interest in checkpoint use for the TRACER 1000 ETD. The device could facilitate consumer spending in airports as passengers avoid unnecessary delays at the screening checkpoint because of the devices near-zero false alarms.

Future Outlook for ASTC Stock

The company reported a strong quarter, consolidated by its recent substantial purchase order for its TRACER 1000 devices. ASTC stock is poised to capitalize on the opportunities afforded to it as a result of this development. The company is keen to leverage the resources at its disposal to usher in organic growth over the long term. Investors are hopeful that this will translate into consistent increases in shareholder value.

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