Cosmos (ATOM) declines 15.38% today – What Now?

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At the time of writing ATOM is being traded at the rate of $25.91 with a decrease of 15.38% within the last 24 hours.

The low within this tenure was around $25.84 and the high was approximately $31.27. The coin as being in the watchlist of many traders makes it rank all the way up to number 30th according to the latest data released by coin market cap.

ATOM made its all-time high in the month of September 2021 where it reached an enormous amount of $44.80. At the moment it has a daily volume of $841,821,852 with an increase of 122.96% within the last 24 hours. The circulating supply of the coin is now around 225M and the maximum supply is 283M. ATOM has a dominance of 0.26%.

The top exchanges for trading ATOM are currently KuCoin,, Binance, Hotbit.

Technical Analysis – Cosmos

Cosmos (ATOM) has been one of the most highly bullish coins in the market. The fundamentals are super strong for this which would eventually lead the price in the three digits.

ATOM has broken down the structure and is falling now. The price when broke down started to make a double bottom. The candle today is highly momentous and we have seen a solid increase of 20% in the price up till now.


Now there are two possible price movements. The price when it dropped down created an order block which can drive the price upwards (which it has).

Now ATOM can touch the order block. When it does we should be on the lookout for additional confluences. If the price becomes stable above this level, we can expect it to increase in price and reach new heights. If the price rejects from this level we can look for a possible short that will lead us to below the last lower low.

Price Prediction – Cosmos (ATOM)

In the long run, ATOM is a highly good opportunity. In August ATOM was being traded at the price of around $12 and now it has nearly tripled. According to the wallet investor, the price of ATOM is to reach a value of $50.504 in a year. For a five-year plan, the price will reach a value of $143.553. The way the price of ATOM has grown, the traders are even more bullish on the value and they think that it will reach even more.

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