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Cartesi – Making dApp development accessible

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Decentralized applications on the blockchain have unlimited uses. As the technology is still nascent, it is still being explored but the rise of decentralized applications has, like, for example of Ethereum’s blockchain, is a testament to what potential the technology carry. Although blockchain technology is interesting, it is far from perfect. As much value the technology adds to our industries, certain roadblocks need to be eliminated before the real benefits of the blockchain technology can be reaped. 

One of the major hurdles in the mass adoption of blockchain-based applications is its technicality. Developing applications on a blockchain is a complex task that requires a lot of expertise. However, there is one project that is working towards eliminating the barriers to entry to application development. Let’s understand more of what Cartesi is. 

What is Cartesi? 

Cartesi is a layer-2 infrastructure for blockchains. It essentially aims to provide a blockchain-type environment for application development in a Linux operating system. As Linux is one of the most widely used systems, the project makes app development extremely easy and accessible. Cartesi enables developers to code highly scalable smart contracts while ensuring privacy, scalability, portability and mainstream programmability. The computational requirements and consensus are efficiently divided between off-chain and on-chain to help the network maintain its high speed. 

Cartesi makes use of the sidechain and roll-up technology to ensure none of the fundamentals of the platform are compromised. The Descartes roll-ups are considered to be more scalable than Ethereum’s smart contracts while the Noether sidechain technology enables the temporary moving and storing of files for lower fees. Apart from everything, what sets the project apart from the crowd is that it still ensures decentralization parallel to blockchains despite allowing developers to operate on a Linux environment. 

Future outlook 

Cartesi is taking the smart contract technology to the next level and with its novel offering of application development on a mainstream environment it is bound to have a bullish future outlook. The network is also bustling with activities which can cause a price surge in the upcoming days. 

The development team is gearing towards the mainnet launch of Noether Staking Delegation. Cartesi also got listed by KuCoin during the past month and a lot of other strategic partnerships were formed during September. According to the estimates of Wallet Investor, the cryptocurrency is expected to eb operating at a price level of $1.27 in a year’s time while the five-year projection is at $3.86. The bullish projections may soon be realized given the current growth trajectory of the network

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