Diginex Ltd. (EQOS) Stock Trends Lower Despite Recent Announcement of Collaboration with Intelligence Squared to Launch Series of Crypto Debates

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Diginex Ltd. (EQOS) stock prices were down by 4.11% as of the market closing on July 7th 2021, bringing the price per share down to USD$5.83. Subsequent premarket fluctuations saw the stock fall 2.06%, down to USD$5.71.

Collaboration with Intelligence Squared

July 8th 2021 saw the company announce its collaboration with Intelligence Squared to launch a special series of debates titled “Intelligence Squared Crypto: Debates Within Cryptocurrency”.  The series will seek to urgently address critical issues in the world of cryptocurrency. Several of the world’s best speakers will debate the issues and opportunities related the crypto industry. The series will begin with a debate on the merits of Bitcoin vs gold, the scarcity and anti-inflationary properties of which make them resilient stores of value.

About the Debates

The series aims to make the up and coming cryptocurrency sector more accessible to a wider audience, with a focus on Bitcoin, with the biggest names in crypto sharing their views on some of the most important issues. Audience members will have the facility to ask question and can vote on the motion set for the proceedings of each event. The environmental impact of crypto will also be debated, as will Bitcoin’s potential threat to the U.S dollar as a global reserve currency.

Launch of IS

The launch of Intelligence Squared Crypto was funded by EQOS by bitcoin, which is being held on the company’s balance sheet, having been stored securely by the company’s FCA registered digital asset custodian, Digivault. The events will be free to attend, with the audio from each event becoming episodes on Intelligence Squared’s podcast network.

Scope of Collaboration

Intelligence Squared is a globally leading platform for high-level debate and discussion, with a network of podcasts and a YouTube subscriber count of more than 430,000 users. The platform also has a digital subscription service for live events, called, Intelligence Squared+, which the company will use to facilitate in-person events in London in autumn. The raising of awareness will help bring crypto into the mainstream limelight with healthy debates about all aspects of its utility, sustainability credentials, and challenges. The partnership is expected to be a critical step in the increased adoption of the burgeoning industry.

Future Outlook for EQOS

Armed with its collaboration to increase the scope of cryptocurrency, EQOS is poised to capitalize on the opportunities afforded from the expansion of the crypto sphere. Investors are hopeful that management will continue to leverage the resources at their disposal to both facilitate the raising of awareness, as well as the networking of the company with the biggest names in the industry.

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