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How Did MLLOF Stock Stay Nearly Stable Last Session?

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At yesterday’s close, Medallion Resources Ltd (OTCQB: MLLOF) was almost stable with a slight decline of -0.10% to $0.2897. The average weekly volume of Medallion stock is 152.36K, while its trading volume on the day was 54.73K. A successful rare earth element separation product led to stabilization in MLLOF stock.

What were those updates?

In order to produce rare-earth elements (REEs) at a low cost, near-term, Medallion has developed a proprietary process and related business model. Mineral sands are widely used to produce monazite, a rare-earth phosphate mineral that is a by-product of the mining process. Additionally, MLLOF recently licensed from Purdue University an innovative REE separation technology that can be utilized by Medallion and sublicensed by MLLOF to third party REE producers.

In a recent press release, Medallion Resources announced the successful separation and purification of the magnetic rare-earth elements (REE) neodymium (Nd) and praseodymium (Pr), from sand mined in the United States.

  • As a result of the exclusive license, MLLOF has a unique chance to drive value-add through its Ligand Assisted Displacement (LAD) Chromatography technology and underlying patents.
  • The MLLOF is developing technologies that will allow extraction of REEs from monazite to be transferrable and scalable.
  • Inefficient processes and long-distance transport of raw materials cause heavy CO2 emissions from REE production.
  • By locating these technologies in economically and environmentally suitable locations, they reduce CO2 emissions from REE production.
  • Life Cycle Assessment has been used by MLLOF to make sure decisions are made with the fewest possible ecological impacts.

How MLLOF is disrupting the technology?

LAD Chromatography technology is exclusively licensed by Medallion (MLLOF) to treat all raw materials other than coal. Separation testing is being discussed among MLLOF and third-party companies. MLLOF is happy to hear from parties interested in further information.

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