India Globalization Capital Inc. (IGC) stock surged in the current trading session; Here’s why this is happening

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In the current trading session, India Globalization Capital Inc. (IGC) stock is racking up the prices of its shares by up to 141.89% to trade at the price of $3.58 at the last check. IGC stock previously closed the session at $1.48. The IGC stock volume traded 138.38 million shares today. In the past year up to datemIGC shares have surged by 154.60% and in the past week moved up by 3.50%. India Globalization Capital Inc. is currently valued in the market at $61.09 million and has 45.11 million outstanding shares.

An overview of India Globalization Capital Inc.

India Globalization Capital Inc. can be labeled as a conglomerate that focuses mainly on the purchasing and reselling of physical infrastructure commodities. There are two operational segments of the IGC stock’s business model. These segments include Infrastructure Business and Life Sciences. The company is involved in the trading of infrastructure commodities; buying and selling which includes wooden doors, tiles, steel, and marbles, etc. The infrastructure business segment also includes acquiring and renting heavy construction equipment and undertaking highway construction contracts.

The Life Sciences segment of the company is currently seeing a trend in cannabinoid-based products and has thus started developing cannabinoid-based items and treatments, like Hyalolex for the treatment of patients from uneasiness, disturbance, dementia, melancholy, and rest issue illnesses. India Globalization Capital also focuses on hemp-based CBD imbued items under the Holief brand name; premium hemp-based CBD mixed natural skin and spa line of items under the Herbo brand name, and premium hemp-based CBD implanted seltzer under the Sunday Seltzer brand. Furthermore, it offers offer exchanging, refining, ringing, and white marking administrations under the Holi Hemp brand; and hemp rough concentrates, hemp detaches, and hemp distillates

The conglomerate has expanded its operations in United States, India, Colombia, and Hong Kong. IGC stock was originated in 2005 and the company is based in Potomac, Maryland.

Development of IGC’s THC based Alzheimer treatment and its patency

The IGC stock is keeping up with the trends and growth in the marijuana and cannabis market as more and more states and countries ease down the criminalization law of cannabis. Furthermore, the company has also tapped into the medicinal marijuana and cannabis market which is fairly more legalized than recreational marijuana usage. IGC stock announced on 20th July 2021, that USPTO which stands for United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued a patent for the company’s proprietary development of Alzheimer’s treatment. This treatment is based on the THC dosage which acts as a potential therapeutic and prophylactic agent for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

The Company as of late reported the fulfillment of Cohort 3 in its fake treatment controlled Multiple Ascending Dose (MAD) stage 1 preliminary for setting up safety and potency of IGC-AD1 that utilizes THC on patients experiencing Alzheimer’s sickness.

The unique patent application was started by the University of South Florida (“USF”) and documented on August 1, 2016. On May 25, 2017, IGC went into a selective permit concurrence (ELA) with USF concerning the patent application and the related examination led on Alzheimer’s infection.

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